For everyone who loves the ocean and wants to ensure its healthy future, America’s National Marine Sanctuaries and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation are delivering real solutions and measurable results.

Spanning 175,000 square miles, from Cape Cod to American Samoa – larger than all national parks combined – the 14 federally-designated national marine sanctuaries are unique destinations. They sustain critical, breathtaking marine habitats…are home to research and conservation innovation…offer learning experiences and outdoor recreation for all ages…and bring billions of dollars to their local economies.

A private, non-profit organization, NMSF plays a vital role in the work of the sanctuaries and the goal of a healthy ocean. Across the system, we create opportunities for education, citizen science, outreach and community engagement. We are also a strong, respected advocate for ocean awareness and protection with policymakers in the US and worldwide.


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