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Keith Rosema

Keith Rosema is the Executive Director of Technology Advancement at Vulcan Inc. Vulcan Technology Advancement takes on some of the world’s most difficult and important challenges and develops future technologies that can improve human lives, protect the environment, and advance the frontiers of science.

Before joining Vulcan, Keith was the Director of Research at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory where he managed technology startup projects and intellectual property discovery. His projects explored new energy production, communications, photonics and disease diagnostics. Keith was a leader at Blue Origin, a private space launch company and was a co-founder and CTO of the award-winning encryption company Disappearing Inc. Before that, he led engineering for the Stephen Spielberg project, “Starbright World”.

Keith began his career as an applied physicist and planetary radar astronomer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Deep Space Network, and Arecibo Observatory. His work on near-Earth asteroid radar properties supported spacecraft missions and early warning for potential Earth impacts. Keith continues to be involved in projects supporting astronomical research. Keith holds a bachelor’s degree in applied physics from the California Institute of Technology.