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Urge Your Representative: Join the Sanctuary Caucus

Members of the bipartisan National Marine Sanctuary Caucus are the champions of the ocean and Great Lakes in Congress. This coalition has effectively raised awareness and strengthened commitment to the sanctuary system and its importance to conservation, heritage, public recreation, education, local economies and jobs across the country.

Your Representative’s membership in the Caucus benefits you. Help ensure that your community’s priorities are protected and served by Congress by urging your elected officials to become Caucus members now.

Dear Representative,

We need more champions for our national marine sanctuaries on Capitol Hill! As my Representative, I strongly urge you to join the National Marine Sanctuary Caucus, a bi-partisan coalition of Members of Congress dedicated to our national marine sanctuaries.

The National Marine Sanctuary System consists of 14 of our most iconic places ranging from Massachusetts’ Stellwagen Bank to Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea marine wilderness. Encompassing over 620,000 square miles of marine and Great Lakes waters, sanctuaries connect Americans to the stories of our nation’s founding and maritime history, serve as living laboratories and hands-on classrooms for research and outreach, and promote economic growth and prosperity.

From sea to shining sea, sanctuaries are building a stronger and more resilient future for communities, ecosystems and economy. Across all national marine sanctuaries, approximately $8 billion annually is generated in local coastal and ocean-dependent economies from diverse activities like commercial fishing, research, and tourism and recreation activities. We have seen the benefits that national marine sanctuaries provide for local communities and our nation.

The caucus serves as an invaluable and strong voice in our nation’s capital working to raise awareness of national marine sanctuaries among their colleagues and support funding and policies to strengthen sanctuaries. As a coalition of Representatives who share an interest in our sanctuaries and their communities, the caucus will increase the National Marine Sanctuary System’s visibility and provide a network of supporters in Congress that we can reach out to when issues arise.

Sanctuaries embody our nation’s commitment to conserve the best of our ocean for future generations. And our national marine sanctuaries need the strong commitment of our political leaders today. Become a National Marine Sanctuary Caucus member today!

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