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What We Do

David J. Ruck/NOAA

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation works in partnership with the National Marine Sanctuary System
and its individual sanctuaries and monuments to ensure a healthy and thriving future for the ocean and Great Lakes.
Dive deeper into our work to protect marine animals and their homes, advance scientific discovery, preserve the Nation’s maritime heritage, support local economies and businesses, and nurture the next generation
of marine and Great Lakes explorers.

Explore the National Marine
and Great Lakes Sanctuaries

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation supports America’s National Marine Sanctuary System, its 13 sanctuaries and 2 marine national monuments that span more than 620,000 square miles and touch  every corner of U.S. waters–from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

Find out more about each one!

Learn More about How the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Supports Sanctuaries

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is the national non-profit partner for America’s national marine and Great Lakes sanctuaries. Engaging the public in protecting nearly 398 million acres of ocean and Great Lakes waters designated as national marine sanctuaries is a big task.

Here is how we do it.