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Take Action Now

Matt McIntosh/NOAA

Be a voice for national marine sanctuaries. Join the rising tide to make a difference today.

With just a click, your voice can fight for a healthier future for America’s coastlines, historic shipwrecks and critical marine species. You can help build stronger economies for local communities (including your own), grow jobs and businesses. You can preserve underwater treasures and strengthen ocean research, education and recreation.

Support Investment in America’s Sanctuaries

Tell Congress to support our national marine sanctuaries! The 2018 federal budgeting process is underway and our elected officials need to hear now about your support for national marine sanctuaries. Please urge Members of Congress to invest in our national marine sanctuaries to conserve areas of national significance in our oceans and Great Lakes for future generations, to advance critical scientific research and citizen science to learn more about these areas, and to support public education and engagement to allow more children to learn about America’s rich natural and cultural history.

Celebrate America’s Historic Ghost Fleet at Mallows Bay

It’s a story of national and natural history: a fleet of merchant vessels built nationwide for World War I are reclaimed by nature to become rich habitat for endangered and threatened wildlife as well as commercially and recreationally important species. Mallows Bay-Potomac River will be a center for public access, outdoor recreation, and discovery of our Nation’s history. You can help make Mallows Bay-Potomac River the next national marine sanctuary.

Protect Historic Great Lakes Shipwrecks and Communities

Communities on Lake Michigan nominated nearly 40 historic shipwrecks–including Wisconsin’s oldest shipwrecks– to protect maritime heritage, promote education, and anchor tourism and recreation. Help us make Wisconsin-Lake Michigan the newest national marine sanctuary.

Urge Your Representative: Join the Sanctuary Caucus

The bipartisan House Sanctuary Caucus raises awareness for national marine sanctuaries and prioritizes sanctuary issues in Congress. If your community is not represented on the Caucus, let us help you send a letter to your Representative urging them to join now.